Absolutely Yes where the reason for refusal relates to housing supply and affordable housing issues. Levvel has a well established track record of helping developers or land owning groups who have had planning applications refused. We can undertake research on your behalf and provide evidence based testimony that challenges perceived wisdom and established practice to significantly improve your chances of winning consent. Whether your need is for written evidence or a personal deposition.
Under current government policy, local authorities are obliged to develop affordable housing strategies, which are actually economically sustainable as well as being socially desirable. A viability study will investigate the social and financial implications of meeting a future affordable housing need in a specific location to ensure that it is both deliverable and sustainable. Used at the beginning of planning negotiations a Viability Assessment, utilising a robust base of evidence can significantly improve developers’ chances of a successful planning application by demonstrating that the proposal will deliver a fair return.
Levvel has a distinctive, holistic approach which uses a series of interlocking solution sets for each facet of the planning consultation and negotiation process. We are able to provide a ‘single point of contact’ for every aspect of our service, from the influencing of housing and planning policy at a national level to the selection of an appropriate delivery partner on a specific site.
Quite simply if you do not participate in the formulation of policy you are very likely to end up working within a policy framework which is not the most advantageous for you. You need to be aware of what’s on the policy horizon and have a rigorous evidence base to influence the implementation of such policies. If you do not have the resource in house, Levvel will gather evidence and make representations on your behalf, where appropriate we can also connect clients together to form powerful and influential consortia.
Every Levvel consultant engaged on our on-going business activities is wholly employed by us. Their wide ranging and in-depth knowledge invariably enables us to successfully complete assignments without recourse to freelancers or contractors. On occasions where the requirement is so specific, we may need to commission additional expertise from outside our own organisation. Where this is the case, we operate transparently and will always advise the client of our intentions beforehand.
Levvel undertakes assignments across the depth and breadth of the United Kingdom. From large scale regeneration projects like Stratford City, East London to the major greenfield development at Mereham in Cambridgeshire, we provide the innovative thinking and robust evidence base that facilitates the creation of successful and diverse communities, wherever they may be.
Levvel is very happy to work with a client’s own legal advisors. We help with the efficient and timely drafting of Section 106 Agreements to ensure that they deliver exactly what is intended and that the client’s interests are properly protected. If necessary, we can also refer clients to a ‘short list’ of Legal Practises with whom we have a long-term professional relationship.

Levvel can work independently, or with your own people to generate a robust base of evidence across a number of areas including area, housing market characteristics, housing need and viability to support your policy decision making. Through our experience of working in both the Private and Public Sectors we can show that a well-founded evidence base provides a much greater certainty of outcome, by demonstrating that your recommendations and intended outcomes are justifiable and credible.

Yes. We know that although some issues are so complex all, or a good number of our services will need to be brought to bear. There will also be occasions where a single specific matter needs to be resolved through the application of a particular facet of our service. These could include, for example, Expert Witness testimony or Section 106 Agreement drafting.
Yes Levvel works across the board. We provide evidence base, housing needs analysis and viability studies to assist in the creation of Local Development Frameworks for a number of Local Authorities. In addition we have a long-term working relationship with English Partnerships as a Housing Board approved consultant.