We are in a very uncertain world. Housing policy at a national and local level has changed significantly. The limited government resources available for affordable housing and infrastructure, means that developers and land owners are being asked to make larger planning contributions. Uncertainty remains about the new affordable rented tenure, so all existing deals and new planning applications are being redrawn to come into line with the new direction of Government policy.

This year, more than ever, we are working hard to keep our clients abreast of these changes, anticipating the government's direction of travel and quickly adjusting negotiation strategies to ensure viable planning consents are achieved as quickly as possible to the satisfaction of all parties. Its difficult times for all, but Levvel is successfully achieving planning consents with revised housing mixes and more viable solutions ensuring the delivery of housing is achieved.

How might we help you ?

We are unlocking stalled projects for land owners, investors, developers, Registered Providers and Councils, securing planning consents and identifying end users for the affordable housing who are willing to pay the best price to ensure scheme viability.

As housing specialists we can:
  1. Help you make the case for your housing proposal
  2. Negotiate the right balance of affordable housing and planning gain contribution, reducing risk and uncertainty and ensure profitability
  3. Advise on the investment, planning, developing and owning of affordable housing
  4. Introduce developers to affordable housing providers
  5. Structure a planning agreement that works for all parties

This is the time to make things happen. Please have a look through our website to see how we have been helping our clients and if you think we might be able to help, call us!

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